Thursday, December 27, 2012

Connecting in Dubuque

I was pleased to spend time this past weekend in Dubuque with Cuyler Berwanger, son of first Heisman Trophy winner @Jay Berwanger. Jackie Berwanger accompanied her husband on their drive from the Chicago suburbs.

Activities included a tour of the Dalzell Field construction site, where a Berwanger statute is planned, with school officials, plus a meeting with Doug Horstmann, schools Foundation president. Mr. Berwanger (left) donated a ball autographed by his father and 11 other Heisman Trophy winners.

It was a super Saturday morning.

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  1. Fun coming across your blog. A fried just posted something in Facebook about Jay Berwanger and I had to respond to him with my recollections, which I will share again here. His son Cuyler, better known to us as Butch or Mr. B, was our junior high school teacher and counselor, football coach, and summer camp counselor in the late 1970s. He was a great guy, and everybody loved him. We went to his house for Doritos and Cokes after the last game of the 7th or 8th grade Riverside Recreation football season. Jay Berwanger was there, but to us he was just some old guy, so we ignored him, but we were invited to try to pick up the Heisman, which was being used as a doorstop in a basement room. It was heavy!